Computer Repair

We service computers at our Central Offices in Gibbon, Burwell, and Sargent. Our services range from complete PC hardware and software support to design and implementation of networks. If you would like more information about our support services, or if you have sales questions please call us at (888)873-6282 or send an e-mail to computer-support@nctc.net

Some of our most popular services are...

NCTC PC Cleanup ............$109.99
Removing dust and debris from inside the case and power-supply
Wiping down the external case
PC hardware tests to identify possibly faulty hardware
Hard drive defragmentation
Antivirus scan and removal
Antispyware scan and removal
Removal of unneeded temporary files

PC Cleanup does NOT include:
Backup of customer data
Any work done on Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000
Replacement of faulty PC hardware

PC Cleanup Disclaimer:
NCTC is not responsible for ANY lost data. The customer should have backups of all essential data and programs. Some infection removal can cause Windows and/or other installed software to stop working. Some virus/spyware/trojan infections cannot be removed with a simple antivirus/antispyware scan. The ONLY way to be sure that an infection is removed from the PC is to erase the hard drive completely and reinstall the Windows Operating System. All Windows licensing is the responsibility of the customer.

NCTC System Reload .................$82.50

NCTC will use the customer supplied Windows Installation media to reinstall the Windows Operating System after performing a basic format of the hard drive. Some computers have either a “system restore” disc or Windows disc and some have that data on a partition of the hard drive. In either case NCTC will only perform a System Reload with the customer supplied Windows Operating System software and license. The customer should also supply all driver discs. NCTC will attempt to install all supplied drivers for the internal hardware on the computer. NCTC will also run all necessary Windows Updates. For an additional fee NCTC can install other customer supplied software (office suite, antivirus, games etc.).

System Reload Disclaimer:
NCTC is not responsible for ANY lost data. It is essential that the customer have backups of all necessary data. NCTC will NOT backup any customer data (unless arranged in advance with the technician). All Windows licensing is the responsibility of the customer.




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