Nebraska Relay Makes Telecommunications Accessible for the
Nonstandard Phone User

What is Nebraska Relay? Nebraska Relay is a free, completely confidential 24-hour public service that makes the use of the telephone possible and a better experience for many thousands of citizens and visitors of the state who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, speech-disabled, and hearing.

How does Nebraska Relay work? The person dials the toll-free Nebraska Relay number and gives the communications assistant (often abbreviated as the CA) the area code and number of the person receiving the call. An example of a Nebraska Relay service is a highly trained CA voices the typed comments by the TTY (text telephone) user and types the spoken comments by the other person back to the TTY user. Nebraska Relay provides several options to meet the needs of people who do not use the standard telephone.

How to connect to Nebraska Relay?

Dial: 7-1-1*

TTY: 1-800-833-7352
Voice: 1-800-833-0920
ASCII: 1-888-696-0629
Voice Carry-Over: 1-877-564-2481
Hearing Carry-Over: 1-800-833-7352
Speech-to-Speech: 1-888-272-5527
Spanish-to-Spanish: 1-888-272-5528
Spanish-to-English: 1-877-564-3503

* Some buildings with a PBX telephone system (often in hotels and offices that have extension numbers) make reaching 7-1-1 not possible.

The above 800 numbers can be dialed when not able to get through to 7-1-1.




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