Wireless Security is Your Responsibility

Help secure your wireless network
NCTC is committed to providing our customers with the best Internet experience possible. Many of our customers are using a wireless access point in conjunction with our Redline High Speed DSL Service. Regardless of the manufacturer of the wireless access point you are using (many have our M505 DSL Modems, with built-in wireless functionality) NCTC recommends that you follow some simple steps to ensure that your wireless network is safe and secured.

Tip 1: Do you use your wireless?
If you're not using your wireless, turn it off. Wi-Fi is a convenient way to connect to a network but if you are not using it there is no reason to have it on.

Tip 2: Don't let strangers use your network
Password-protect your wireless connection and periodically change the password. Turn on WEP (wired equivalency privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) on all of your devices, including your router, your media center, and any game system platforms that utilize wireless connectivity (Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc).

Tip 3: Move your wireless router
Place the wireless access point away from windows and near the center of your house to decrease the signal strength outside of the intended coverage area.

Tip: 4: Defend your computer
Keep all software current (including your Web browser) with automatic updates. Use firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, and antispyware software from a source that you trust and watch out for fake alerts for security software.

If you have one of our M505 modems with the built-in wireless you can follow our easy to use guide located on our website at http://www.nctc.net/wireless

If you have a different access point you should follow the setup instructions for securing your access point provided by your manufacturer.




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